Learn all about the THE OESER virtual piano instrument through our previews. Click on the Youtube video’s and the sound previews to explore THE OESER!

Pure Felted Muted Picked
The Natural Experience
A Romantic Mood
Get Underneath
The Couch Experience

Watch our trailer in which you can experience how the four instruments blend perfectly together, supported with sounds from THE OESER sample Pack.

In the second video Arjen walks you through THE OESER Virtual Instrument. During this video he provides you with a walkthrough of the OESER’S user interface and endless possibilities. So, interested in buying this virtual instrument? Then please check out how you can use THE OESER in your productions and how easy it is to make a great sound out of the three microphone positions and easy to adjust user experiences. Arjen guides you through our minimalistic, yet super convenient interface, which will be customized to integrate seamless with your Native Instruments KOMPLETE Kontrol master keyboard.

At last, you can experience what the four instruments and snapshots sound like by listening to our conveniently ordered audio samples. So, check out our samples which will give you an impression of what you can achieve!


Watch the great musician Pauliverse Music play a real classic song on The OESER!

The amazing composition and production from Leon Thomasian is something you would want to check out. He did an outstanding job of featuring all our instruments from The Oeser piano library, as well as the complimentary free The Oeser Pack for all the percussive sounds. This is truly a work of art!

Pablo Cattaneo created a very beautiful ambience track with The Oeser. Besides the way he can take you on a journey with his sound scapes, Pablo knows how to make it look cool too! Wether you choose to look or listen, it’s a short vacation from the place you are right now. Enjoy!

Tim McArtney from Happy Mag did a great job showcasing our piano on their platform. Happy Mag is an Australian based online music and youth culture magazine who featured our piano in their Engineering the Sound segment. To quote them: “The Oeser is a realistic and inspiring piano library” and we couldn’t agree more. Thanks Happy Mag!

This is an amazing performance from Fabian Espinosa who really makes The Oeser shine. Check out his complimentary production and great runs on the Komplete Kontrol keyboard, which works seamlessly with The Oeser’s interface.

Simeon Amburgey from PraiseTracks did a very elaborate review on The Oeser. We admire Simeon’s touch and the way he seems to have a natural feel for the different sound characteristics of the different instruments. He really captured our intention with this instrument and are very grateful for his opinion of our baby grand piano The Oeser.

And for our Spanish public we even received a review from Gabo Rossini. A very talented pianist and content creator on YouTube. He plays super complimentary to the piano’s possibilities. So, enjoy his 10 minute review in which he asks himself if this could be the best piano VST. We think he fell in love!

Y para nuestro público español hasta recibimos una reseña de Gabo Rossini. Un pianista muy talentoso y creador de contenido en YouTube. Toca súper complementario a las posibilidades del piano. Así que disfruta de su reseña de 10 minutos en la que se pregunta si este podría ser el mejor piano VST. ¡Creemos que se enamoró!

Rafael Graciano has created a very elaborate review in Portugese of The Oeser. He goes over every aspect of the piano and showcase those very well. His way of playing makes the piano shine!

Rafael Graciano criou uma resenha muito elaborada em português de The Oeser. Ele aborda todos os aspectos do piano e os mostra muito bem. Seu jeito de tocar faz o piano brilhar!

Watch MG The Future exploring The Oeser in a recording of his livestreams. He did such an amazing job featuring our piano in his Lo-Fi and R&B production process. It shows how capable The Oeser is of adapting to many genres. The versatile implications are endless!