key instruments team - Arjen de Graaf


As a composer and pianist with great passion for creative ideas, being part of the Key Instruments team has been a great adventure. With over 10 years of experience in music production as owner of Prime Music Productions, I am always looking for new ways to work with sound and music. Through working in media and learning the importance of great sounding instruments as the foundation of a great tune. At Key Productions you will find truly inspiring pianos with all the character I was looking for in a piano.

Therefore we got the idea of capturing these pianos for everyone to use. This started the pursuit of creating the first virtual piano that you can fall in love with. It has been such a fulfilling experience! Because I experienced what a virtual piano can sound like if you don’t make any concessions. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to create the best possible virtual pianos for you to fall in love with, starting with “THE OESER”!

key instruments team - Rogier Trampe


Being an entrepreneur and guitar player has proven to be a great asset to the Key Instruments team. My love and passion for music and recording techniques made me pursue my lifelong dream to start the high-end music studio Key Productions. Packed with classic gear/microphones and great instruments (grand pianos, Rhodes Suitcase, Hammond B3 and a collection of guitars/amps) this truly has become an inspiring and inviting environment for artists and producers. I am really proud that over the past decade countless artists and bands have made Key Productions their go-to place for producing, recording and mixing their songs!

Now it’s time to add a new dimension! Making Key’s instruments collection available for any musician through the best virtual piano instruments and creative sample packs. As a result Key Instruments was born in 2020, with one goal: creating virtual instruments to blow your socks off!


Key Instruments, situated in Friesland in the Netherlands, was established in 2020. Due to the pandemic recording sessions at Key Productions were postponed. This gave us a lot of free time to think about pursuing dreams. One of those ideas was to create the best sampled virtual piano instruments which will inspire pianists to play. Because Key Productions has a great collection of unique key instruments, it really was a no-brainer to start sampling these awesome instruments. That is why we starting with our baby grand piano The Oeser, sitting in the lounge of Key Productions. Therefore we chose this as our starting point. Because if we can sample such a characterful piano with all its quirks, we believe we can achieve everything. And what a great development that was, resulting in our first sampled virtual piano instrument “THE OESER”.

The process of trying to create the best virtual piano instrument to date has led the Key Instruments team to wonderful discoveries. Mainly we heard new sounds which inspired us to create more than just virtual instruments. With the help of great young talented producers, we have created a growing collection of creative sample packs. These are great for you to use in your productions. We learned that collaborating with different producers gave us many new insights. That is why we would like to invite aspiring sample pack producers to connect with us and become partner. Because there is always room for more creativity!

And do you own a unique key instrument you think needs preservation? Contact us by sending an e-mail. Maybe your instrument will be our next project!

We have made it our mission to create the best possible virtual piano instruments for you to fall in love with!