We started collecting sounds for unique sample packs during our recordings of the Oeser baby grand piano. Because we discovered the extraordinary sounds the piano could make when it was not being played as intended. For instance, it gave us great percussive options carefully beating the wooden lid. Therefore we went on from there and looked for anything around the studio that would produce sounds. Not only equipment buttons and switches but also doors and chairs. We really sampled it all. But we didn’t stop there. That is why we asked our talented producers what they could come up with. As a result you will find a “Car” sample pack as well as the “City Sounds” sample pack.

Explore sounds through the smart flow of our map structure to help you find your sound quickly. Our custom made loops (royalty-free) will get you inspired. Young talented producers created the packs, suitable for most current pop productions. All the original recordings were processed in order to create even more samples for you to have available. If you like a certain loop, you can find all the individual samples within the pack to customize the loop to your likings.

If you have purchased one of our virtual instruments, you already own a free sample pack tailor made from the instrument you have just bought.

Start your search by browsing through our growing sample pack library and listen to their demos!

You want to share a creative idea for a new sample pack, and/or help us develop one? Please send us an e-mail: info@key-instruments.com and we will get in touch with you!