The Franz Oeser original piano at Key Productions with serial number 132 was handmade in Vienna, Austria in 1877. That year marked the start of Franz Oeser his K.K. Priv. Piano Forte Fabrik. The Piano Forte Fabrik made the original Oeser piano to the highest of standards of its time. Therefor the skilled craftsmen made the piano with great precision and traditional methods, also they created the piano with the finest materials. Surprisingly the design and construction of this Franz Oeser baby grand piano is very similar to a Bosendorfer, the famous piano maker residing in Vienna.

Pianos from that time were known for their softer/warmer tone which were perfect for chamber music and blend well with strings. This is because of the older Viennese mechanics. Those are less precise than the modern Prell mechanics. This type of mechanic, in combination with its size and build won’t let you play very loud. That’s why our piano library isn’t very loud too. Franz Oeser was one of few piano builders in their time who followed the American principle for building pianos. He received his first reward in 1878 in Paris and exposed this piano alongside Hölzl and Bosendorfer on the international piano exposition in Melbourne in 1880.

The baby grand piano has a solid spruce soundboard, handmade bridges of the finest beech and a cast iron frame vacuum cast in Austria. Therefore the tone is very Viennese and robust, yet delicate when required, mellow yet singing, with amazing resonance. So true masters of piano making undeniably made all these characteristics which are found in all the great grand pianos of famous factories.

Our baby grand sits in the lounge of Key Productions. There the Oeser mainly serves as a dining table where our artists play the piano just for fun. Basically everyone falls in love with the character of the piano. That is why we made a virtual piano instrument out of this beauty. In order to survive our intense program of recording its magnificent soul, we carefully restored the piano. Now that we have finished the product, we have given this piano eternal life.