THE OESER piano sounds sample pack

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Number of samples and loops: 400 clean samples, 191 processed samples & 32 loops
Copyright: Royalty free
Delivery: Instant download after purchase

Discover the unique samples and loops of THE OESER sample pack. After sampling the Oeser into THE OESER Virtual Instrument we started recording a variety of unique sounds. In brief this sample pack includes all kinds of crazy sounds, soundscapes and loops made with the original instrument. So don’t expect traditional piano sounds, because this pack is ‘packed’ with crazy sounds to fuel your creative process! Always wanted to know what the wheels of a piano sound like; what noise a lid makes; what exciting sounds you can get using a pick on the strings of a piano? Well we did it all!

For the purpose of adding value to your creativity we used the same microphone setup as we used during the recordings of THE OESER along with super close micing to get the most quiet sounds the Oeser revealed in our recording process. So with a lot of samples and royalty free loops you will have the impression you are in the room of the lounge of Key Productions and sometimes even inside the piano! Check out the sound previews to get an impression of what you can create with this sample pack! By the way, this sample pack is free of charge when you buy THE OESER Virtual Instrument.

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