Transitioning from THE OESER to THE 7TH virtual piano instrument marks an evolution in our journey. We’re refining and transforming, aligning with Yamaha’s playability and sound. Our commitment extends to capturing the resonance of each string, a testament to our dedication to authenticity.

Classical pianists, known for their depth of exploration, will find THE 7TH accommodating their nuances. The half damper feature, pivotal for nuanced control, finds its place here. Enabling dynamic string dampening, it enhances your performance with a delicate touch. Pedal control values unlock this potential in our meticulously sampled virtual piano, THE 7TH.

The una corda sound seamlessly integrated into THE 7TH enriches its soul. Crafted to add depth and emotion, it’s a canvas for artistic expression. With dedicated pedal control, or part of the main instrument, the una corda sound resonates intimately.

THE 7TH’s user interface maintains the simplicity of THE OESER, embracing intuitiveness. Microphone positions, pedal noise, key mechanics—elements that enhance your musical journey. Adjust velocity response and customize tonal quality by modifying the lid position.

Embark on a sonic odyssey with THE 7TH Virtual Piano Instrument. Tradition harmonizes with innovation, as each note resonates in timeless melodies, inviting exploration and creativity.


Your THE 7TH virtual piano library comes with 2 sampled instruments in 3 combinations, with presets made to sound exactly like the Yamaha concert grand sounds in studio A at Key Productions. Also THE 7TH includes several snapshots (presets) to get you started or to quickly switch between different sounds. THE 7TH Sample pack is included and free of charge.


THE 7TH Full

Step into the immersive Studio A ambiance with our meticulously crafted THE7TH virtual piano library. Explore the heart of our recording process, offering an optimal sound that mirrors the joyous encounter Arjen had when he first played the Yamaha C7 with exactly this microphone setup, including our signature bottom microphone placement. The Full version accommodates all samples and functionalities, allowing seamless transitions between una corda and standard modes in real-time. Opt for the Lite version if RAM is an issue, or if you simply don’t need una corda.

THE 7TH Una Corda

Delve into the intimacy of the una corda pedal, embraced by many of our studio pianists. The Yamaha C7’s subdued resonance captivates with its richness and vibrancy. We’ve curated an individual instrument from una corda samples, ensuring all musicians can experience this unique tonal quality, regardless of their pedal setup.

THE 7TH Lite

Experience the Yamaha C7’s essence in “THE 7TH Lite,” witthout the Una Corda feature. This version maintains the piano’s glory with reduced RAM usage, streamlining your musical journey.


Feel “The Natural Experience“: Immerse yourself in Studio A’s captivating ambiance with THE 7TH Virtual Piano Instrument. This snapshot elegantly captures the authentic resonance of the Yamaha concert grand piano, harmonizing within Studio A’s acoustics.

A Touch of Romance: The “A Romantic Moment” snapshot transitions to THE 7TH, embodying the warm tones of our Yamaha C7 piano, inspiring beautiful love songs.

Get Closer to the Sound: Dive into the brilliance of the “Signature Bottom Position” with the “Get Underneath” snapshot.

Make Your Sound Pop: Embrace pop and rock with THE 7TH “Attack This” snapshot, standing out with a unique blend.

Sit Back and Listen from the Couch: Immerse in Studio A’s hallmark acoustics with “The Couch Experience” snapshot.


THE 7TH virtual piano instrument

If you’ve explored THE OESER, our user-friendly approach is familiar. With THE 7TH, simplicity remains. Microphone adjustments, pedal noise, key mechanics, and lid settings allow for customization. Native Instruments KOMPLETE Kontrol users have eight knobs for enhanced experiences.

Experience Harmonious Sound: Meticulously recorded Yamaha C7 piano ensures balanced notes. Strategic microphone placement creates diverse soundscapes. Reverb captures Studio A’s essence.

Embark on Your Musical Journey: Customize sound, elevate authenticity, and shape tones. Ease into the potential of THE 7TH User Interface for a unique auditory journey.


Refine your musical journey effortlessly within THE 7TH’s User Interface. This section offers nuanced controls to enhance your musical exploration.

Enhance Realism: Elevate authenticity by incorporating pedal noise and key mechanics. Pedal noise recordings, cycled randomly with pedal presses and releases, ensure a dynamic, non-repetitive soundscape. Meticulously recorded key mechanics across various velocities add organic depth. Access this transformative sound via the third knob in the experience section.

Master Sonic Expression: Tailor your experience effortlessly. Initiate with velocity adjustments, mirroring the C7’s range. Mold key weight and tonal response using the velocity knob. Personalize your narrative or harmonize with your MIDI keyboard.

Shape Your Tone: Customize tonal versatility through lid adjustments. For warmth, close the lid; for brilliance, open it. The flexibility is yours – personalize the lid position to match preferences or production needs.

Discover THE 7TH User Interface’s potential, where customization guides your auditory journey, giving you the tools to craft a sound that resonates harmoniously with your unique style. Take charge of your musical odyssey with THE 7TH.

THE 7TH virtual piano instrument


Product type: KOMPLETE Instrument
Number of sounds: 3 NKIs
Number of snapshots: 5
Sound category: Grand Piano
Size: Yet to be determined
System requirements: Free KONTAKT PLAYER or KONTAKT (Version 6.0.4 or higher)
Please also see the KONTAKT PLAYER system requirements and the KONTAKT PLAYER FAQ
THE 7TH can be downloaded and installed by entering the provided Serial Number in Native Access.
User manual: Download manual