Learn all about the THE 7TH virtual piano instrument and watch a complete walkthrough of THE 7TH virtual piano instrument in THE 7TH previews, when we launch THE 7TH. We will ask talented pianists to ‘test drive’ our virtual instrument so that you can listen to the many possibilities our virtual piano THE 7TH has to offer through our audio previews. Stay tuned!

We will ask great piano players to play our original Yamaha C7 and to demo THE 7TH virtual instrument. That way you can check the sounds of every individual instrument we are recording from the Yamaha C7. These previews will be up when we finish THE 7TH. Besides these convenient sound previews, we will add a walkthrough video for you to explore the interface and get an idea of the features you might want for your piano. Among these we will explain the blending of microphone positions, including our signature “bottom” position. Arjen will guide you through our minimalistic, yet super convenient interface, which will be customized to integrate seamless with your Native Instruments KOMPLETE Kontrol master keyboard.

When we finish THE 7TH, get comfortable, sit back and listen to the previews which will give you an impression of what you can achieve!

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