The Yamaha C7, THE 7TH original piano, in studio A at Key Productions is not your ordinary C7! As it was made in Hamamatsu (Japan) in 1973 with serial number 1733088 the instrument is a real beauty. The Yamaha pianos originating from Hamamatsu are renowned for their “singing” tone and powerful bass. This C7 has an amazing rich and open sound. A famous dutch pianist once said our C7 sounded like a Steinway! Every pianist at Key Productions says our Yamaha C7 is the best C7 they have ever heard. Therefore they keep coming back to our studio to use this piano for their recordings. The instrument has real ivory keys, an una corda pedal as well as a sostenuto pedal. All of this we will include in our second sampled virtual piano instrument “THE 7TH”!

Our piano tuner/technician constantly maintains our C7 to perfection. As a result he makes sure the sound and playability are in the best possible condition for each recording session. Something you will discover when you watch our videos and listen to our sound examples of the sampled instrument!

The studio A of Key Productions is one of the largest recording studios of the Netherlands with well over 100 square yards of space and a high ceiling. Renowned studio and acoustics designers carefully measured and adjusted the acoustics. Together with a specialist they even went as far as creating a custom layered slate wall to add a wonderful reflection. Of course we will find a way to capture this acoustics within our virtual piano THE 7TH. It really contributes to the concert grand piano experience, without adding too much reverberation.