Oldtimer volvo amazon sounds sample pack

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Number of samples and loops: 144 clean samples, 77 processed samples & 24 loops
Copyright: Royalty free
Delivery: Instant download after purchase

Discover the unique sounds in our extensive sample pack The Oldtimer samples. A vintage car is a cool thing! Especially this vintage Volvo Amazon of the owner of Key Productions. When you drive such a fun car, it is truly a great experience! Since this car is fully restored in its original state it is a real gem. Also, a major part of the experience are the sounds this car makes while driving. So with this pack we have recorded the metal, the interieur and the exterieur of this magnificent car. That is why we believe these sounds are super fun to use in your productions.

We know we had fun recording the sounds of this great ride. Since the build quality of this car makes it possible to withstand a beating, we felt comfortable to record some nice percussive sounds. That’s when you really feel the spirit of this old lady while you are knocking on al the vintage parts. Surely the great noise you get from opening or closing the hood, or when you start this old car’s engine are next level!

For the purpose of adding value to your creative process we have recorded lots of samples. But also we have asked our producers to make creative loops, royalty free, to fuel your creative process! Check out the sound preview to give you an impression of what you can create with this sample pack!

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