flick and switch sample pack

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Number of samples and loops: 157 clean samples & 28 loops
Copyright: Royalty free
Delivery: Instant download after purchase

Discover the unique sounds and loops in the most complete sample pack of the Flick & Switch samples. As the control room of Key Productions is packed with analogue equipment it was a no brainer for us to record all the sounds of the knobs and switches of this gear! So, do you want to use sounds of outboard studio gear? This is the pack to use. The pack includes knob and switch sounds of Tube-Tech, Manley, Rupert Neve, Telefunken, Neumann, Avalon, API, Audient, Aphex, Bricasti, Empirical Labs, Phoenix and Lexicon gear!

For the purpose of adding value to your creativity we used different microphone positions in the Flick & Switch samples. So, you want to incorporate close switch or knob sounds? No problem, we have recorded that! We have asked talented producers to go ahead and make awesome new sounds and royalty free loops to showcase the potential of this pack. Browse the samples through a convenient map structure and start flicking and switching.

Do you want to share a creative idea for a new sample pack, and/or help us develop one? Please send us an e-mail: info@key-instruments.com and we will get in touch with you!