THE OESER virtual piano instrument




Get your hands on a true iconic baby grand piano “THE OESER”, our first custom made virtual piano instrument for the Native Instruments Komplete platform. During the past 150 years many people have played this piano who must have loved the instrument as much as we do. As a result the Oeser has maintained great character and survived two world wars. To grant this beloved piano eternal life, we have meticulously recorded all the sounds this baby makes with three different microphone positions. Specifically our signature “bottom” position which makes this baby grand the best virtual piano instrument with incredible character. We even went beyond that by creating a sample pack with beautiful percussive and weird sounds.

When you buy our virtual piano instrument “THE OESER” you will get this great sample pack for free!

THE OESER is designed for seamless integration with Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol keyboards & the free Kontakt Player.

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